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RFC Number : 79

Title : Logger Protocol error.

Network Working Group Edwin W. Meyer, Jr.
Request for Comments: 79 MIT Project MAC
NIC 5601 November 16, 1970

Logger Protocol Error

A conflict was recently discovered between the official NCP protocol
as described in protocol document 1 and the logger protocol as
described in RFC 66 by Steve Crocker. Steve suggested that we put
out an RFC to alert the network community to this point.

In RFC 66, it is proposed that an ALL allocate command be sent
immediately following an RTS or STR request for connection. This
conflicts with the restriction stated in Protocol Document 1 that an
ALL command can be given only for an 'open' connection.

To not be required to handle an ALL command before a connection is
established is a simplifying restriction that an NCP implementation
may take advantage of. For example, the Multics NCP is currently
designed this way. For this reason, and also because we believe that
the NCP protocol should not be changed now except for critical
reasons it is felt that the proposed logger protocol should be
modified to agree with the existing NCP protocol.

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Meyer [Page 1]

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