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RFC Number : 78

Title : NCP Status Report: UCSB/Rand.

Network Working Group E. Harslem
Request for Comments: 78 J. Heafner
NIC 5199 J. White

NCP Status Report: UCSB/RAND

NCP Checkout

UCSB an RAND recently conducted UCSB console to/from RAND console
validation fo teh respective NCPs. The exercise was simply to verify
that the NCPs behaved according to Document #1 protocol.

What was Learned

The UCSB and RAND NCPs responded as specified in Document #1. RAND
uncovered a few minor problems with their Network Services Program
(NSP) that interfaces video graphics consoles to the NCP. The nature
of these problems were data format conversions and human factors
aspects of display presentation of status information.

The Immediate Future

1. Both UCSB and RAND will be happy to participate with other sites
in verifying their NCPs.

2. We intend to conduct additional exercises involving data re-
configurations and file transmissions.


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