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RFC Number : 41

Title : IMP-IMP Teletype Communication.

Network Working Group John Melvin
Request for Comments: 41 SRI/ARC
30 March 1970

IMP/IMP Teletype Communication

I have occasionally found myself in a situatuation in
Which I see a message from site X on my IMP teletype, but I don't
know the time and date of the message.

I find this annoying, since a response to it may be in order
if it is (say) less than an hour old, but not if it is several hours
old. The situation is not improved by the existence of sites that
now span all time zones of the U.S. and do not have direct voice

It is requested that everyone tag their IMP to IMP tele-
type messages that cause no response at the receiving IMP.

The transmitting IMP site should use 24 hour time and include
the time zone designation.

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