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RFC Number : 4

Title : Network timetable.

Network Working Group Elmer B. Shapiro
Request for Comment: 4 Stanford Research Institute
Category: Informational 24 March 1969

Network Timetable

1 (n10) network checkout

2 Installation of communcation gear 8/1/69

2a From AT&T and/or BBN need dimensional, power and cabling

2b Need to establish SRI desired alternate locations so as to
determine maximum telco cable lengths

2c Need to establish location and drops on voice coordination

2d Need circuit information on voice drops for tie to intercom

2e Need to order and install a.c. power (coordinate with 4b)

2f See 16

3 Design and construct host-Imp interface 9/1/69

3a Need specifications from BBN

3b Develop trial design

3c Review with system programmers

3d Establish final design

3e Build and design hardware

3f Debug trial software with hardware loop test

4 Imp installation 9/15/69

4a from BBN get dimensional, power and cabling specifications

4b SRI orders and installs a.c. power (coordinate with 2e)

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5 Debug host-Imp interface 10/1/69

5a Get debug specifiations and procedures from BBN

5b Write programs to debug with BBN

5b1 Transfers of test messages

5b2 Test procedures for crash and recovery

5b3 Check message fill and stripping procedures

5c Try own transfer tests

5c1 Verify transfers to Imp

5c2 Verify transfers from Imp

5c3 Verify transfers looped with Imp

5d Work out Imp reload and restart procedures

6 Test messages between UCLA-SRI 10/15/69

6a Network configuration


6b Agree with UCLA on nature of test messages

6b1 Formats

6b2 Sequences

6b3 Checks

6b4 Test procedures

6b5 Fault reporting

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6c Test integrity of messages

6d Test sequence of delivery

6e Measure delays

6f Loop with UCLA

6g System response to invalid and abnormal conditions

6h Lose and restore facilities

6h1 Communication link

6h2 Imps

6h3 Hosts

6i Develop net trouble reporting scheme

7 Test messages between UCSB-SRI 11/15/69

7a Network configuration

| .
| .
| .
| .
| .

7b All of 6

7c Load network for alternate routing to be effective

7d Develop voice coordination scheme

7d1 Three way conference

7d2 Design and build conference gear

7d3 Deliver conference gear to UCLA and UCSB

7e Route messages around ring

7e1 Via Imps

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7e2 Via hosts

7e3 Six tests







8 Test messges between UTAH-SRI 12/15/69

8a Network configuration

SRI .----------------UTAH
| .
| .
| .
| .
| .
| .
| .
| .

8b Selected group of previous test

8b1 All of 6

8b2 7b

8c Expand voice coordination scheme

8c1 UTAH has access to UCLA and UCSB via SRI

8c2 with BBN and ARPA

9 Run simple TTY systems

9a Single user access

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9a1 On a serving host

9a1a A to B

9a2 From a using host

9a2a A to B

9b Multiple user access

9b1 On a serving host

9b1a A,C to B

9b2 From a using host

9b2a A,A to B

9b3 Various combinations

9c Login, logout, in and out of subsystems

9d Handling of error messages, crashes, recoveries

9e Establish message formats

9f Establish protocols

9g File storage and retrieval

9h Need user's guides for each site

9i Need to establish usage schedules

9j Need to set user names

9k Design and build comm exec or its equivalent

10 Run simple typewriter systems

10a Same as 9c - 9g

10b How define when in half or full duplex mode

10c How to set 'break' characters

11 Run arbitrary terminals without local feedback

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12 Run arbitrary terminals

13 Move files

14 Develop debugging techniques

14a Fault detection

14a1 Conformance to manual

14a2 'Reasonableness' of result

14a3 Comparison with alternate form of use

14b Cause localization

14b1 Comm-Imp complex

14b2 Serving host

14b3 Using host

14b3 Try other programs

14b5 Monitor subsystem via 'link' procedures, where possible

14b5a Use dialup Dataphone

14b5b Use voice coordination channel

14b6 Move canned messages

14c Cause determination

14d Cause correction

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