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654 Telnet output horizontal tab disposition option.
655 Telnet output formfeed disposition option.
656 Telnet output vertical tabstops option.
657 Telnet output vertical tab disposition option.
658 Telnet output linefeed disposition.
659 Announcing additional Telnet options.
660 Some changes to the IMP and the IMP/Host interface.
661 Protocol information.
662 Performance improvement in ARPANET file transfers from Multics.
663 Lost message detection and recovery protocol.
666 Specification of the Unified User-Level Protocol.
667 BBN host ports.
669 November, 1974, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers.
671 Note on Reconnection Protocol.
672 Multi-site data collection facility.
674 Procedure call documents: Version 2.
675 Specification of Internet Transmission Control Program.
677 Maintenance of duplicate databases.
678 Standard file formats.
679 February, 1975, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers.
680 Message Transmission Protocol.
681 Network UNIX.
683 FTPSRV - Tenex extension for paged files.
684 Commentary on procedure calling as a network protocol.
685 Response time in cross network debugging.
686 Leaving well enough alone.
687 IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol changes.
688 Tentative schedule for the new Telnet implementation for the TIP.
689 Tenex NCP finite state machine for connections.
690 Comments on the proposed Host/IMP Protocol changes.
691 One more try on the FTP.
692 Comments on IMP/Host Protocol changes (RFCs 687 and 690).
694 Protocol information.
695 Official change in Host-Host Protocol.
696 Comments on the IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol changes.
697 CWD command of FTP.
698 Telnet extended ASCII option.
699 Request For Comments summary notes: 600-699.
700 Protocol experiment.
701 August, 1974, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers.
702 September, 1974, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers.
703 July, 1975, survey of New-Protocol Telnet Servers.
704 IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol change.
705 Front-end Protocol B6700 version.
706 On the junk mail problem.
707 High-level framework for network-based resource sharing.
708 Elements of a Distributed Programming System.
709 Not Issued.
710 Not Issued.
711 Not Issued.
712 Distributed Capability Computing System (DCCS).
713 MSDTP-Message Services Data Transmission Protocol.
714 Host-Host Protocol for an ARPANET-Type Network.
715 Not Issued.
716 Interim Revision to Appendix F of BBN 1822.
717 Assigned Network Numbers.
718 Comments on RCTE from the Tenex Implementation Experience.
719 Discussion on RCTE.
720 Address Specification Syntax for Network Mail.
721 Out-of-Band Control Signals in a Host-to-Host Protocol.
722 Thoughts on Interactions in Distributed Services.
723 Not Issued.
724 Proposed official standard for the format of ARPA Network messages.
725 RJE protocol for a resource sharing network.
726 Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet option.
727 Telnet logout option.
728 Minor pitfall in the Telnet Protocol.
729 Telnet byte macro option.
730 Extensible field addressing.
731 Telnet Data Entry Terminal option.
732 Telnet Data Entry Terminal option.
733 Standard for the format of ARPA network text messages.
734 SUPDUP Protocol.
735 Revised Telnet byte macro option.
736 Telnet SUPDUP option.
737 FTP extension: XSEN.
738 Time server.
739 Assigned numbers.
740 NETRJS Protocol.
741 Specifications for the Network Voice Protocol (NVP).
742 NAME/FINGER Protocol.
743 FTP extension: XRSQ/XRCP.
744 MARS - a Message Archiving and Retrieval Service.
745 JANUS interface specifications.
746 SUPDUP graphics extension.
747 Recent extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol.
748 Telnet randomly-lose option.
749 Telnet SUPDUP-Output option.
750 Assigned numbers.
751 Survey of FTP mail and MLFL.
752 Universal host table.
753 Internet Message Protocol.
754 Out-of-net host addresses for mail.
755 Assigned numbers.
756 NIC name server - a datagram-based information utility.
757 Suggested solution to the naming, addressing, and delivery problem for ARPANET message systems.
758 Assigned numbers.
759 Internet Message Protocol.
760 DoD standard Internet Protocol.
761 DoD standard Transmission Control Protocol.
762 Assigned numbers.

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