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2963 A Rate Adaptive Shaper for Differentiated Services.
2964 Use of HTTP State Management.
2965 HTTP State Management Mechanism.
2966 Domain-wide Prefix Distribution with Two-Level IS-IS.
2967 TISDAG - Technical Infrastructure for Swedish Directory Access Gateways.
2968 Mesh of Multiple DAG servers - Results from TISDAG.
2969 Wide Area Directory Deployment - Experiences from TISDAG.
2970 Architecture for Integrated Directory Services - Result from TISDAG.
2971 IMAP4 ID extension.
2972 Context and Goals for Common Name Resolution.
2973 IS-IS Mesh Groups.
2974 Session Announcement Protocol.
2976 The SIP INFO Method.
2977 Mobile IP Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Requirements.
2978 IANA Charset Registration Procedures.
2979 Behavior of and Requirements for Internet Firewalls.
2980 Common NNTP Extensions.
2983 Differentiated Services and Tunnels.
2984 Use of the CAST-128 Encryption Algorithm in CMS.
2985 PKCS #9: Selected Object Classes and Attribute Types Version 2.
2986 PKCS #10: Certification Request Syntax Specification Version 1.
2987 Registration of Charset and Languages Media Features Tags.
2988 Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer.
2989 Criteria for Evaluating AAA Protocols for Network Access.
2990 Next Steps for the IP QoS Architecture.
2991 Multipath Issues in Unicast and Multicast Next-Hop Selection.
2992 Analysis of an Equal-Cost Multi-Path Algorithm.
2993 Architectural Implications of NAT.
2994 A Description of the MISTY1 Encryption Algorithm.
2995 Pre-Spirits Implementations of PSTN-initiated Services.
2996 Format of the RSVP DCLASS Object.
2997 Specification of the Null Service Type.
2998 A Framework for Integrated Services Operation over Diffserv Networks.
2999 Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2900-2999.
3000 Internet Official Protocol Standards.
3001 A URN Namespace of Object Identifiers.
3002 Overview of 2000 IAB Wireless Internetworking Workshop.
3003 The audio/mpeg Media Type.
3004 The User Class Option for DHCP.
3005 IETF Discussion List Charter.
3006 Integrated Services in the Presence of Compressible Flows.
3007 Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Dynamic Update.
3008 Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC) Signing Authority.
3009 Registration of parityfec MIME types.
3010 NFS version 4 Protocol.
3011 The IPv4 Subnet Selection Option for DHCP.
3012 Mobile IPv4 Challenge/Response Extensions.
3013 Recommended Internet Service Provider Security Services and Procedures.
3014 Notification Log MIB.
3015 Megaco Protocol 1.
3016 RTP Payload Format for MPEG-4 Audio/Visual Streams.
3017 XML DTD for Roaming Access Phone Book.
3018 Unified Memory Space Protocol Specification.
3020 Definitions of Managed Objects for Monitoring and Controlling the UNI/NNI Multilink Frame Relay Function.
3021 Using 31-Bit Prefixes on IPv4 Point-to-Point Links.
3025 Mobile IP Vendor/Organization-Specific Extensions.
3029 Internet X.
3030 SMTP Service Extensions for Transmission of Large and Binary MIME Messages.
3031 Multiprotocol Label Switching Architectu
3032 MPLS Label Stack Encodi
3033 The Assignment of the Information Field and Protocol Identifier in the
3034 Use of Label Switching on Frame Relay Networks Specificati
3035 MPLS using LDP and ATM VC Switchi
3036 LDP Specificati
3037 LDP Applicabili
3038 VCID Notification over ATM link for L
3042 Enhancing TCP's Loss Recovery Using Limited Transm
3043 The Network Solutions Personal Internet Name (PIN): A URN Namespace for People and Organizations.
3044 Using The ISSN (International Serial Standard Number) as URN (Uniform Resource Names) within an ISSN-URN Namespace.
3045 Storing Vendor Information in the LDAP root DSE.
3046 DHCP Relay Agent Information Option.
3047 RTP Payload Format for ITU-T Recommendation G.
3048 Reliable Multicast Transport Building Blocks for One-to-Many Bulk-Data Transfer.
3049 TN3270E Service Location and Session Balancing.
3050 Common Gateway Interface for SIP.
3051 IP Payload Compression Using ITU-T V.
3052 Service Management Architectures Issues and Review.
3053 IPv6 Tunnel Broker.
3054 Megaco IP Phone Media Gateway Application Profile.
3055 Management Information Base for the PINT Services Architecture.
3056 Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 Clouds.
3057 ISDN Q.
3058 Use of the IDEA Encryption Algorithm in CMS.
3059 Attribute
3060 Policy Core Information Model -- Version 1 Specification.
3061 A URN Namespace of Object Identifiers.
3062 LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation.
3063 MPLS Loop Prevention Mechanism.
3064 MGCP CAS Packages.
3065 Autonomous System Confederations for BGP.
3066 Tags for the Identification of Languages.
3067 TERENA'S Incident object Description and Exchange Format Requirements.
3068 An Anycast Prefix for 6to4 Relay Routers.
3069 VLAN Aggregation for Efficient IP Address Allocation.
3070 Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) over Frame Relay.
3071 Reflections on the DNS, RFC 1591, and Categories of Domains.
3072 Structured Data Exchange Format (SDXF).
3073 Portable Font Resource (PFR) - application/font-tdpfr MIME Sub-type Registration.
3074 DHC Load Balancing Algorithm.
3075 XML-Signature Syntax and Processing.
3076 Canonical XML Version 1.

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