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1962 The PPP Compression Control Protocol (CCP).
1963 PPP Serial Data Transport Protocol (SDTP).
1964 The Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism.
1965 Autonomous System Confederations for BGP.
1966 BGP Route Reflection An alternative to full mesh IBGP.
1967 PPP LZS-DCP Compression Protocol (LZS-DCP).
1968 The PPP Encryption Control Protocol (ECP).
1969 The PPP DES Encryption Protocol (DESE).
1970 Neighbor Discovery for IP Version 6 (IPv6).
1971 IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration.
1972 A Method for the Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks.
1973 PPP in Frame Relay.
1974 PPP Stac LZS Compression Protocol.
1975 PPP Magnalink Variable Resource Compression.
1976 PPP for Data Compression in Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment (DCE).
1977 PPP BSD Compression Protocol.
1978 PPP Predictor Compression Protocol.
1979 PPP Deflate Protocol.
1980 A Proposed Extension to HTML : Client-Side Image Maps.
1981 Path MTU Discovery for IP version 6.
1982 Serial Number Arithmetic.
1983 Internet Users' Glossary.
1984 IAB and IESG Statement on Cryptographic Technology and the Internet.
1985 SMTP Service Extension for Remote Message Queue Starting.
1986 Experiments with a Simple File Transfer Protocol for Radio Links using Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol (ETFTP).
1987 Ipsilon's General Switch Management Protocol Specification Version 1.
1988 Conditional Grant of Rights to Specific Hewlett-Packard Patents In Conjunction With the Internet Engineering Task Forc
1989 PPP Link Quality Monitoring.
1990 The PPP Multilink Protocol (MP).
1991 PGP Message Exchange Formats.
1992 The Nimrod Routing Architecture.
1993 PPP Gandalf FZA Compression Protocol.
1994 PPP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP).
1995 Incremental Zone Transfer in DNS.
1996 A Mechanism for Prompt Notification of Zone Changes (DNS NOTIFY).
1997 BGP Communities Attribute.
1998 An Application of the BGP Community Attribute in Multi-home Routing.
1999 Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1900-1999.
2000 Internet Official Protocol Standards.
2001 TCP Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Retransmit, and Fast Recovery Algorithms.
2002 IP Mobility Support.
2003 IP Encapsulation within IP.
2004 Minimal Encapsulation within IP.
2005 Applicability Statement for IP Mobility Support.
2006 The Definitions of Managed Objects for IP Mobility Support using SMIv2.
2007 Catalogue of Network Training Materials.
2008 Implications of Various Address Allocation Policies for Internet Routing.
2009 GPS-Based Addressing and Routing.
2010 Operational Criteria for Root Name Servers.
2011 SNMPv2 Management Information Base for the Internet Protocol using SMIv2.
2012 SNMPv2 Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol using SMIv2.
2013 SNMPv2 Management Information Base for the User Datagram Protocol using SMIv2.
2014 IRTF Research Group Guidelines and Procedures.
2015 MIME Security with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).
2016 Uniform Resource Agents (URAs).
2017 Definition of the URL MIME External-Body Access-Type.
2018 TCP Selective Acknowledgement Options.
2019 Transmission of IPv6 Packets Over FDDI.
2020 IEEE 802.
2021 Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base Version 2 using SMIv2.
2022 Support for Multicast over UNI 3.
2023 IP Version 6 over PPP.
2024 Definitions of Managed Objects for Data Link Switching using SMIv2.
2025 The Simple Public-Key GSS-API Mechanism (SPKM).
2026 The Internet Standards Process -- Revision 3.
2027 IAB and IESG Selection, Confirmation, and Recall Process: Operation of the Nominating and Recall Committees.
2028 The Organizations Involved in the IETF Standards Process.
2029 RTP Payload Format of Sun's CellB Video Encoding.
2030 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4 for IPv4, IPv6 and OSI.
2031 IETF-ISOC relationship.
2032 RTP Payload Format for H.
2033 Local Mail Transfer Protocol.
2034 SMTP Service Extension for Returning Enhanced Error Codes.
2035 RTP Payload Format for JPEG-compressed Video.
2036 Observations on the use of Components of the Class A Address Space within the Internet.
2037 Entity MIB using SMIv2.
2038 RTP Payload Format for MPEG1/MPEG2 Video.
2039 Applicability of Standards Track MIBs to Management of World Wide Web Servers.
2040 The RC5, RC5-CBC, RC5-CBC-Pad, and RC5-CTS Algorithms.
2041 Mobile Network Tracing.
2042 Registering New BGP Attribute Types.
2043 The PPP SNA Control Protocol (SNACP).
2044 UTF-8, a transformation format of Unicode and ISO 10646.
2045 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies.
2046 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types.
2047 MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text.
2048 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Four: Registration Procedures.
2049 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Five: Conformance Criteria and Examples.
2050 Internet Registry IP Allocation Guidelines.
2051 Definitions of Managed Objects for APPC using SMIv2.
2052 A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV).
2053 The AM (Armenia) Domain.
2054 WebNFS Client Specification.
2055 WebNFS Server Specification.
2056 Uniform Resource Locators for Z39.
2057 Source Directed Access Control on the Internet.
2058 Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS).
2059 RADIUS Accounting.
2060 Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4rev1.
2061 IMAP4 Compatibility with IMAP2bis.
2062 Internet Message Access Protocol - Obsolete Syntax.

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