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Archives for April 2005

LinuxDig.Com : Give your Apple OS X script a GUI. Bash, Perl, PHP and more.

If you are running Apple OS X and would like to give your scripts a GUI feel, then look no further then Platypus.

Thursday January 27, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : The Newsgroup Posting Heard Around the World, Linus Torvalds 1991

Feeling somewhat nostalgic, I came across one of Linus Torvald’s first posts for Linux. This is when he announces the creation of the system on the Minix group.

Thursday January 27, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com: Zamples Uses Mono to Launch C# and VB.NET Code Samples Online

Novell-sponsored Mono is being used to power live, online code examples written in C# and VB.NET, provided by Zamples.

Wednesday January 26, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : KDE 3.4 Beta 1 quick review (Suse 9.2)

If you are a KDE fan and look forward to the next release of KDE, well, this is a release to get excited about.

Tuesday January 25, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : SUSE LINUX Professional 9.2 free download available

Official Press Release.

Saturday January 15, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Is Linux Socialist?

An article caught my eye the other day which accused Linux of destroying America's software industry and called Linux a Socialist movement. Well I say Linux is a beautiful capitalist flower. Read on....

Tuesday January 11, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com: SCALE 3x Plans Panel Discussion on the Future Voice Over IP and Open Source

SCALE 3x Plans Panel Discussion on the Future Voice Over IP and Open Source. Information and Discussion includes members Louis Mamakos is Chief Technology Office at Vonage, Jeff Bonforte is Public Relations Director for SIPphone and more.

Monday January 10, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com: FreeBSD Loses Sun Java License

Currently in negations as reported by infoweek, FreeBSD is currently without a Java License. Sure FreeBSD will get its license back, but this has been a recurring fear within the Linux community.

Monday January 10, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Novell Suse 9.2 ISO / Installation Finally Released

The day has arrived Novell Suse Fans, the full installation has arrived.

Monday January 10, 2005 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com is saddend by the tragedy in Asia and East Africa. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

A list of some organizations that are working to address the needs to the tsunami victims.

Saturday January 01, 2005 | Read More

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