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Archives for April 2004

LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : Rekall Review, your Linux Microsoft Access Alternative.

Want to use Linux but concerned that your favorite office applications will not be available? With KDE and Rekall your suite of applications is now complete.

Sunday August 22, 2004 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : KDE 3.3 Review

After 6 months of waiting, KDE 3.3 has been unleashed on the *nix world and it brings improvements for all applications and better internalization, which means KDE now supports some 50 languages and 30 others are partially supported. Read on for the KDE 3.3 review.

Sunday August 22, 2004 | Read More : Updated : Novell Suse Linux 9.1 Best Overall Linux : Final Review

Over the last few weeks I have been diving into many popular distributions and giving each (RedHat Fedora 2, Gentoo, Novell Suse, Xandros, Mandrake) a thorough ride. But one distro, one very unique, German made distro calls me back again and again. Novell Suse Linux. Updated Oct 2004 with install notes.

Thursday August 19, 2004 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : Novells SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 Marks Major Step Forward in Enter

- SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 is first enterprise-class server to leverage 2.6 Linux kernel for powerful reliability and performance enhancements - Unique management capabilities with YaST and ZENworks Linux Management lower the deployment and administration costs of Linux systems - AMD, Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Oracle and others express support for latest Novell Linux offering

Wednesday August 04, 2004 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : Novell and JBoss Expand Partnership to Accelerate the Adoption of Open S

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2004 - Novell to Ship JBoss Application Server with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server and Novell exteNd - Combination of products delivers powerful application platform for J2EE and Linux developers -Strategy of embracing open source enables Novell to deliver more value to customers

Wednesday August 04, 2004 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : Suse pre-installed on HP Notebooks

Seems Novell is Just was the doctor ordered for Suse.

Wednesday August 04, 2004 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : Sun to Purchase Novell Suse Linux?

The rumors are running wild today with the possibility that Sun is researching the acquisition of Novell. What could this mean for Linux? Read on...

Monday August 02, 2004 | Read More

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