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Archives for July 2004

Force Java Open-Source On Sun? Not Fair... (Updated)

This story is about choice and the right for all people to choose. Sun has the right to choose closed source and the open-source community has the right to choose open-source. But slinging mud at companies who support open-source is surely not the way to grow a movement.

Thursday February 26, 2004 | Read More

Do you Remember FireFox?

Firefox is that speedy plane the Russians built to sack the Americans? Well, the Mozilla team did not have the sacking part in mind, but they did want to build something fast. Firefox is Mozilla's new speedy browser.

Monday February 16, 2004 | Read More

Linux Technology News - Linux Thermometer

The LinuxDig.Com news web site gets a face list with more articles covering more diverse subjects. Also, the Linux Thermometer has been added. The Linux Thermometer is a general gauge of Linux Performance on the internet. Read more about the Linux Thermometer or visit

Saturday February 14, 2004 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Cross Platform Desktop Applications - Yes you can choose Linux

This article discusses a few of the more common desktop applications which are available for both Windows and Linux, and what you can do to move to the Linux Operating System.

Wednesday February 11, 2004 | Read More

Who is the most Hated Linux Company? Guess Who.

\"SCO's huge Linux suit against IBM is a long shot that may yield nothing but bile\"

Sunday February 08, 2004 | Read More

How I Know the Linux Install Base is Growing

LinuxDig.Com has been active since late 2000. And over the years I have watched the number of Linux users visiting the site grow, but lately....

Friday February 06, 2004 | Read More

Getting the Performance you need with LAMP Linux, Mysql, Apache, PHP

This article is a quick overview of some of the methods I used to improve LAMP applications. Performance Information Covers how each indivual item effected the server - Kernels, Processors (HyperThreading), MySql, Zend).

Thursday February 05, 2004 | Read More

MySQL Newsletter: January 2004

This is a big newsletter filled with many updates regarding Mysql and direction. If you are a Mysql fan, check it out.

Monday February 02, 2004 | Read More

SCO is down 11:07 PM Super Bowl Sunday 2004

SCO is down Super Bowl Sunday because of the MyDoom virus.

Monday February 02, 2004 | Read More

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