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Archives for April 2003

What the heck is a cyberhacker? Huh? Amusing...

As you may know the Blaster.B creater has been nabbed. But what I want know is, what is a cyberhacker.

Saturday August 30, 2003 | Read More

Be fair to Linux, Consumer-Reports I am Mad

I just read an unfair article in the latest consumer reports in the July 2003 isssue. The title of the article is Wal-Marts $300 Computer on page 7.

Sunday August 24, 2003 | Read More

Another Day, Another MS Virus...

What would a month be without another Microsoft Infecting Virus? Have you considered what your life would be like, what would you do if you did not have that feeling that at any moment your personal data is potentially being stolen...

Tuesday August 12, 2003 | Read More

Netware Unites with Linux.

After the purchase of Ximian, Novell has announced a major shift to the Linux Operating System. A bold move? This author thinks it is a smart move, the obvious move by Netware.

Wednesday August 06, 2003 | Read More

Vmware 4. Not only is it cool, it is fast.

VMWare is the cross platform, multiple O/S emulator from VMWare. Version 4 explodes onto the scene with a new interface, speed enhancements and usability upgrades. Actually released in March of 2003, but we were taking out time reviewing it.

Monday August 04, 2003 | Read More

RedHat Getting Dirty for Themselves, Their Customers and for YOU.

Red Hat on Monday August 4, 2003 unleashes the fury.

Monday August 04, 2003 | Read More

Netscape 7.1. I just happen to like it.

From time to time you will see critisms of the Netscape browser, threats of its domise and so on and so on. I want it to be known, I dig the Netscape Browser.

Friday August 01, 2003 | Read More

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