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Archives for August 2003

SCO : Takes a Stand

Carl McBride of SCO steps out of his office to discuss potential litigation against IBM and explains the incredible 1500 letters.

Monday June 16, 2003 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Control You PC From A Web Browser

I thought this was such a good idea that I had to put the article up.

Sunday June 15, 2003 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : Introduces New Linux Products and Services Section

LinuxDig.Com introduces our new section of the web site called New Linux Stuff. This is a new amd interesting Linux Products and Services section.

Sunday June 15, 2003 | Read More

Wise up, get ergnomic and protect your investment; Your arms

For many years I have lived with mild pain from constant pecking on the keyboard. If I can get just one person to listen, then I have achieved my goal.

Sunday June 15, 2003 | Read More

SCO, Your statement has been heard, now go away!

SCO feels they have bee mistreated by the computer industy. I have a feeling they do not know what mistreatment really is, if they persist with this lawsuit.

Friday June 06, 2003 | Read More

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