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Archives for August 2003

LinuxDig.Com 'Penguin Initiative' Cartoon

This Weeks 'Penguin Initiative' Linux Cartoon. Archives and current cartoons can be found at

Monday January 27, 2003 | Read More

MySQL Newsletter January 2003

MySQL Newsletter January 2003 - Recieved by email.

Monday January 27, 2003 | Read More


LinuxDig.Com is working together with a well known trusted computer company to bring you a $400 Linux Workstation. That is one final price with shipping. Special Starts Feb 1., Read more.

Friday January 24, 2003 | Read More

Windows Refund Day II + Linux Expo

Jan 23, 2003 is the day you are to march on your local courthouse and demand that you should not have to purchase windows with your computer.

Wednesday January 22, 2003 | Read More

LinuxDig.Com : This weeks Penguin Initiative

This weeks Penguin Initiative has been uploaded. Check it out at

Wednesday January 22, 2003 | New Penguin Initiative Cartoon.

LinuxDig.Com has started a weekly cartoon which pokes fun at companies, current events and so on.

Wednesday January 22, 2003 | Read More

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