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Archives for April 2002

Are you a Speed Freak? A Tweaker?

If you are, then I have the website for you! The BIOS Survival guide will give you everything you need to know about your BIOS and more.

Wednesday December 11, 2002 | Read More

HP Officejet d145 Multi-Function Linux?

The HP Officejet d145 all in one printer/scanner/fax machine is an incredible device and best of all it supports Linux through Office Jet Linux Driver Project.

Wednesday December 11, 2002 | Read More

The AMD Hammer is Coming Down on Intel.

Are you ready for 64 bit computing with the option of 32 bit applications at native speed? Finally, the day has come that we may all indulge our 64 bit curiosity.

Tuesday December 10, 2002 | Read More

Midnight Commander for Linux, Who Knew?

Midnight Commander or some may know it as 'mc' from the console, is a popular, yet equally unknown file manager for Unix / Linux. How does one get by with out it?

Monday December 09, 2002 | Read More

Why Hang with Red Hat?

Over the years Red Hat Linux has become one of the most popular distributions available. Not only is Red Hat popular, but they are profitable? I think I can explain why.

Monday December 09, 2002 | Read More

Dell AXIM 400 MHZ and IBM z50

A review of the new Dell AXIM 400 MHZ PDA with 64 meg of ram and a 3.5 screen. Also included is a look at the old IBM z50.

Sunday December 08, 2002 | Read More

RSS Feed Info

The RSS feed is BACK! I had to write a new PHP script to parse the articles. Interested in writing your own RSS Generator?

Friday December 06, 2002 | Read More

The New Dell Axim X5 PDA Picture and Initial Review

Just got this at 6:45 Eastern Standard Time. It has to charge for 4 hours. Keep Reading.

Thursday December 05, 2002 | Read More

What is Linux?

A Quick look at Linux for those who have lead a penguin free life. This article is currently being edited. If you should read this article at anytime during this phase, please feel free to send questions or suggestions now and they will be added to the final product.

Wednesday December 04, 2002 | Read More

Dual Monitor ATI Radeon in Linux XFree 4.20 Updated

Their is now an alternative to the traditional XFREE driver for driving dual monitors with your ATI Radeon card for Linux.

Wednesday December 04, 2002 | Read More

MySQL Newsletter

MySQL Newsletter is a convenient channel in keeping you informed of the latest MySQL news.

Tuesday December 03, 2002 | Read More

iConductor(tm) Automates Session Management on the Apache Server

Tulsa, OK -- Farpointer Technologies today announced new automated session management for the Apache server. The company's iConductor server module interacts with HTML files to automatically implement session tracking via any URL.

Tuesday December 03, 2002 | Read More

Decorate your Christmas Tree with Computer Parts

This is how all geeks should celebrate Christmas. Check out the picture of the tree decordated with old computer parts.

Monday December 02, 2002 | Read More

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