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Linuxdig.Com : The Most Significant Release of 2004
Author: Xandros | Saturday February 12, 2005

Version 3 reviews are pouring in: Xandros Desktop OS is a winner again!

"The MostSignificant Release of 2004!"
Version 3 reviews are pouring in: Xandros Desktop OS is a winner again!

"Put it all together; Simplicity of Installation, Network capabilities,Power and Polish in an elegant package and you have XANDROS DESKTOP 3DELUXE." --

"Xandros Hits another home run with this release." -- Mad Penguin

"Power and polish in harmony." -- Newsforge

"I want to get rid of Windows, so which Linux distribution should Itry? Now we have a definite answer: Get Xandros." -- ZiffDavis: ExtremeTech

"Xandros Desktop OS version 3 is an excellent Linux distribution forthe home user. It may even challenge Firefox 1.0 as the mostsignificant release of 2004!" -- LinuxLinks

To hear what other users think of this release, check out their testimonials.

"Xandros Desktop OS version 3 is an excellent Linux distribution forthe home user. It may even challenge Firefox 1.0 as the mostsignificant release of 2004!" -- LinuxLinks
To hear what other users think of this release, check out theirtestimonials.

New easy-to-use features in v3 Deluxe include:

* Drag-and-drop data DVD burning in Xandros FileManager
* Xandros Personal Firewall wizard to guard againstInternet intruders
* Intel Centrino and wireless card support
* Home folder encryption to protect user files fromprying eyes
* Secure access to a school or business PPTP virtualprivate network (VPN)
* Automatic alerts to Xandros Networks updates

Other version 3 enhancements include the 2.6.9 Linux kernel, aXandros-enhanced KDE 3.3, and a special Xandros Edition of CrossOverOffice 4.1 which lets you install and run Microsoft Office, AdobePhotoshop, and many other Windows programs. You will also receive acomplete, 360+ page, professionally written User Guide and 60 days ofinstallation technical support via e-mail.

See www.xandros.comfor complete product information.

"xDMSIllustrates a Maturing Linux Market"

Speaking of reviews, we are delighted by the reception that the XandrosDesktop Management Server (xDMS) has received since its release in lateOctober. In his recent LinuxPlanet review, Bill von Hagen notes that "the real key tosuccessful penetration of the desktop space is theavailability of administrative tools that make it easy to deploy,update, and manage Linux installations across multiple desktops." Hewent on to say that

"Administrators need to be able toprovide standard but customized installations to satisfy therequirements of various groups... and it is precisely this need that xDMS addresses for sites that haveadopted Xandros Linuxas their Linux distribution of choice."

After putting the software through its paces, Bill concluded that"Xandros Desktop Management Server is a well-designed, useful tool thatcan save system administrators substantial amounts of time."

"We are extremely excited and satisfied by the overwhelming receptionthat xDMS has received," said Ming Poon, Xandros VP ofSoftware Development. "In fact, the requests have been so great that weare now enhancing xDMS to mass deploy and manageother non-Xandros Linux platforms in the same easy point and clickfashion."For further product details, please go to

As an initial promotional offer, xDMS is available at no additionalcharge with the purchase of five or more licenses of the XandrosDesktop OS Business Edition at the regular retail price of $129US. Anew Managed Business Desktop Starter 5-Pack can be ordered directlyfrom Xandros at,in either the boxed or download version.

Version3 ofXandros Desktop OS Business Edition to Debut in Spring

Our enterprise customers will be be pleased to know that our newVersion 3 Business Edition will be released this spring, together withan xDMS update for those performing mass Xandros Desktop deployments."Our Business Editions go through an extra xDMS certification testingcycle to ensure that all components can be easily managed by xDMS,"said Ming Poon, Xandros VP ofSoftware Development. "Our enterprise customers tell us that they arepleased by how reliably our Business Edition works with xDMS, ininitial tests of their mass Linux desktop rollout plans."

Firefox andThunderbird are Coming to Xandros Networks

Well folks, the long wait is almost over. We have resolved nearly allof the outstanding issues and will soon be posting the popularFireFox browser and the Thunderbird e-mail client on XandrosNetworks for both V3 and V2 users. It took a lot of testing andtweaking to get these standalone applications smoothly integrated intothe Xandros desktop experience, but, hey, that's what Xandros is allabout!

We have also been selecting and testinga bunch of cool FireFox extensions to enhanceyour Internet experience. We'll post our recommendations on XandrosNetworks when we release FireFox and Thunderbird.

Free Pass toLinuxWorld Boston Spectacular

While the details of our plans are still under wraps, we can tell youthat Xandros is going to stage a LinuxWorld spectacular, with newproducts, announcements, giveaways, and other surprises that shouldprove to be the hit of the show.

If you're in the Boston area February 15- 17, 2005, the first gift we have for you is a free pass for the expo.Simply go to,and then enter prioritycode N0357 (that's zero, not the letter O) when you register.

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