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LinuxDig.Com : KDE 3.4 Beta 1 quick review (Suse 9.2)
Author: HumanX | Tuesday January 25, 2005

If you are a KDE fan and look forward to the next release of KDE, well, this is a release to get excited about.

With Linux heavy weights like Gnome and KDE performance at times can be an issue. As these environments mature with each release, we see improvements in those areas. And if the team of KDE continues down the current path it has taken for KDE 3.4, then the KDE community has something to be excited about.

This is not an in depth review of the KDE 3.4 Beta 1 platform. There were rumors on the net that 3.4 was fast, so this review is about the installation and my performance test.

I installed KDE on a Compaq Pr esario laptop (AMD 64, Nvidia (1200x800), 512 mem) by downloading the RPM's for Novell Suse Linux 9.2 from one of the mirrors found at KDE's web site. Once downloaded, I did a global rpm update on all of the files and restarted X.

KDE 3.4 is fast, real fast. I have read on some newsgroup postings by users that they thought 3.4 might be twice as fast as the last release. I cannot vouch for this as I installed over the default installation of KDE 3.2 on Suse 9.2, but it is a HUGE difference! (From my standpoint, overall, it is easily overall 50% faster when you take the whole experience into account. In some area's of KDE a 2x increase in speed is probably a good estimate.)

Where is the difference you ask? Well, practically no hesitation on (cached) program execution. Window movements, max and minimizing are quite speedy. Latency is barely noticable. The entire desktop seems to be much faster consistantly not in just one or two areas. This is a KDE that can compete. All I can say is if Beta 1 is this fast, I cannot wait to see what 3.4 final will deliver in terms of speed.

Finally, I would NOT recommend you to install KDE 3.4 Beta 1 on a production machine. I was able to install it and boot to desktop, but, I am generating errors when loading certain K applications.

If you have a beta machine near by I DO recommend for you to give it a try. You will be pleasently surprised, maybe even excited for the final release.

* Note: The final release of KDE 3.4 will be the final release for the 3.x series. KDE 4.0 is the next version of KDE to be released (after 3.4 final) which will take advantage of new/upgraded QT libraries.

* Note: For Novell Suse Linux, RPM's are available at KDE's web site. I have also read that APT can be used.

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