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LinuxDig.Com : Speed up your old Linux Box, Try a Vacuum.
Author: HumanX | Monday November 29, 2004

Do you think a little bit of dust can have an effect on the performance of your computer? Read on and find out how a vacuum and a good case cleaning restored the performance back to my AMD XP 2000.

I have an AMD XP 2000 running Suse Linux and I have noticed lately that the machine was slower then normal and even unstable when put to the test. I thought maybe either file system corruption or bad memory were the culprits. Also, a nagging thought that heat might be causing the problem.

The easiest thing to check was the heat; and low and behold, my system's processor was running at 165 degrees Fahrenheit! Which is way to high for a AMD XP 2000 processor. I opened the box and checked that the heat sink and case evacuation fans were working properly, which they were not. I replaced a frozen evacuation fan which lowered the processor temperature by 5 degrees.

While inspecting the system and fixing the fan I noticed the heat sink had a thin layer of dust on it. Immediately, I figured the dust was acting like a blanket and trapping the heat on the heat sink.

I cleaned the machine with a vacuum cleaner and a can of compressed air. Next I rebooted the machine.

I have to admit I was surprised. I thought the temperature would have been lowered by 10-15 degrees, but the running temperature now is around 120 degrees. That is almost 45 degrees less then it was running before.

My system is now running as fast as ever. Now, if your system is a year or older, you know what to do.

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