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LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Preview Released!
Author: HumanX | Tuesday September 14, 2004

The big release and Mozilla is hoping for 1 million downloads in 10 days and it looks like it just might happen. The best web browser for Linux and Windows on the net just got better.

Mozilla Firefox is becoming a popular browser among internet enthusiast because of its speed, security and cross platform nature. The Mozilla team is hoping for 1 million downloads in 10 days for this new release and it looks like it just might happen.

What is driving Firefox you ask? Security. Internet Explorer has been plagued with security holes. CERT and other government agencies around the world are telling users to switch to Firefox especially for banking.

Take it from a user who has been using Firefox as his primary browser for about a year, Firefox is best of breed. It is secure, fast and has a list of plugins which allows you to extend usage and look and feel of the browser.

Firefox can be downloaded from and is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux , Unix and Mac.


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