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LinuxDig.Com : Linux Software News : Open Office Beta 2 (1.9.m47) and Firefox .9.2
Author: HumanX | Saturday July 17, 2004

Both Open Office and Firefox have released news versions of there software this week.

Open Office

Not quite ready for primetime but the new open office beta does give you some insight into the possibilities of our favorite office suite. This latest release is the first time 1.9.x has been used for conversioning and is telling the community that open office version 2 is a stone throw away.

One of the highlights of this version is the overhaul of the menuing/toolbar system which gives a great deal of control to the end user. End users can customize the toolbars in a number of ways which paves the way to a more flexible user interface.

But it does not stop there, the gang at OO has a huge list of fixes, updates and new additions for version 2.0 and you can read all about it at .

I am not particularly thrilled with the design of OO in this release, as a matter of fact, I would say in my opinion it is downright unattractive. There is a great deal of division in the toolbar placement. A lack of design consistency, but I am remembering this is beta.

Open Office Information for the Newbie

Open Office is a free Office Suite which was donated to the world by Sun Microsystems. Similar to Microsoft Office except that it runs on Linux, Windows, Apple and more. It is a very capable office environment and supports file formats from other office suites. Did I mention, it is free?

It includes, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawing / Illustration (great for schematics), Publishing and more.

Vi site Open Office at:

Download beta 2 at:

Mozilla Firefox

I do think Firefox .9 was released prematurely, it was the only release I griped about. Since then, Mozilla has release .9.2 which returned the speed back to Firefox. For those of you new to Firefox, it is Mozilla's cross-platform browser. It is fast, efficient and has helped to take 1% market share away from Microsoft Internet Explorer which has dominated the browser market for years. Mozilla Gains on IE

Firefox is the champion of all browsers and I strongly urge not only home users but business users to switch to it as well. One of the reasons for my recommendation is that for Internet Explorer users, you can relieve yourself of popups, adware and more.

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