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LinuxDig.Com : Linux News : Mozilla FireFox 0.9.1 - Gnome - Mozilla Go To War
Author: HumanX | Saturday July 03, 2004

How does the Release of Firefox .9.1 relate to Gnome and Mozilla going to war with Microsoft?

Just when you thought it could not get any better, Mozilla Firefox .9.1 is out. This minor update is a big release and should have been the .9 update. This release has a smaller download / footprint, is a bit faster, includes an updated more thorough default theme and as well as bug fixes.

Here is some inside information for those of you who are not in the know.

Linux users will be interested in learning that Gnome and Mozilla are partnering for the next generation desktop. In response to Microsoft's Longhorn which some fear will have the capability to REALLY dominate the desktop, Gnome and Mozilla have teamed up to beat Microsoft to the punch.

Together, these two allies intend to coordinate development so that applications are tightly integrated while still allowing Gnome and Mozilla to remain individual platforms.

Microsoft's Longhorn Operating System desktop GUI will essentially be a web page. In one form or another, this has been a common theme with most operating systems today, but no company has taken this method all the way. Some say one of the reasons Internet Explorer is so easy to exploit is because of its close relationship to the operating system. Have mercy, what happens when Longhorn is released.

Maybe it is the structure of Linux that has kept it protected from the same exploits that Microsoft seems to suffer from. As an example, Gnome and Mozilla will work closely on the next Gnome desktop while still maintaining there individuality. As compared to Microsoft who tightly integrates its software which has seemed to create a security nightmare for the company.

Only time will tell. Gnome and Mozilla have publicly stated that they fully intend to beat Microsoft to the punch. And we the users always benefit from Linux - Microsoft wars! Software and Upgrades are released faster and Linux in general improves. Competition breads innovation, so let the bullets fly!


The spirit of competition should bring us a shorter update cycle of Mozilla Firefox. Though Firefox may not be part of the overall plan with Gnome, it will no doubt benefit.

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