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LinuxDig.Com : An Adventure with Gentoo Linux : Review Part 2
Author: HumanX | Thursday April 15, 2004

This is the last part of the exploration of Gentoo.

The first part of the article can be found at

What can I say about Gentoo? I can say it is fast, blazing fast. I have to admit I am thoroughly impressed. Yesterday, I left of with the completion of the installation of Gentoo and the addition of KDE.

First thing is first, their are variations of Gentoo that take some getting used to. The init process is much different then other Linux distros. The Gentoo documentation though small is very focused and did help getting me through some of these modifications. One particular and important area that needs mention is the RC directories. They do not exist, instead, Gentoo opts for boot scripts maintained in what is called the BOOT and Default directories. The premise is the same, the location has changed.

X Windows and KDE.
After running "emerge kde" and installing the core, I configured and started X. X and KDE blazed to startup, I think I could honestly say up to 40% faster then on any other installation. My mouth literally dropped at this point. After recovering from my moment of disbelief I began testing other application load times. While I write this article, I am still in awe. The entire system is between 25%-40% faster then any other version of Linux I have used before.

Gentoo is an incredible distribution with the potential of becoming the leading distribution. The only thing holding Gentoo back now is the lack of a graphical installer which will be coming shortly. Gentoo is fast and with the Portege system, I would say one of the easiest systems to update!

If you are a fairly experienced computer user and considering on changing or moving to Linux, I HIGHLY recommend Gentoo. The speed alone is worth it. It gives you the feeling that this is what Linux GUI is supposed to be. And for me, my Gentoo days are not over after this article. I am going to put some more time in and do a more thorough test of Gentoo especially in the area of web services. I am curious to find the performance increase I will see in ( LAMP ) Apache, MySql and PHP. Expect another Gentoo article in the near future.

Article by: Humanx (LinuxDig.Com)
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