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LinuxDig.Com Linux News : A Date with Red Hat Fedora Core 1 : Review
Author: HumanX | Monday April 12, 2004

This review is a brief overview and first look of Red Hat's Fedora Linux.

Never doubt Red Hat to produce a top quality Linux distribution. Since Red Hat is moving more towards the enterprise and away from the home, they have released Fedora which is the proving ground for Red Hat Linux Enterprise. Basically, all things that could be enterprise start in Fedora. Fedora is a non profit, unsupported OS with the backing of Red Hat.

From Fedora's Web Site (
"The Fedora Project is a Red-Hat-sponsored and community-supported open source project. It is also a proving ground for new technology that may eventually make its way into Red Hat products. It is not a supported product of Red Hat, Inc.

The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from free software. Development will be done in a public forum. The project will produce time-based releases of Fedora Core about 2-3 times a year with a public release schedule. The Red Hat engineering team will continue to participate in the building of Fedora Core and will invite and encourage more outside participation than was possible in Red Hat Linux. By using this more open process, we hope to provide an operating system that uses free software development practices and is more appealing to the open source community. "

Installation Woes
I am unsure as to how many have had difficulties with disk 2 of the installation but let me tell you it is allot. I myself downloaded disk 2, 3 times and burned it probably 7 and still could not get it to work on two different machines while trying 3 different CD drives. Finally, I broke down and installed disk 2 from a drive, no way around it.

* You can download Fedora from a large number of sites which can be found on Fedora's site. No need to worry about download times.

Installation a breeze (forgetting the CD problems)
Red Hat's installer is like a fine wine, with each release it gets a little better while never so much that you cannot find roots from the previous versions installer. Red Hat has probably one of the easiest installation programs of all the distributions. The installer gives you the ability to format your drive manually or automatically, install a set of programs based on needs (server, personal, workstation ) and then allows you to refine the programs to be installed with a menu system which defines what each individual application does. This is great for new users of Linux. Though it would be nice if RedHat would tell the user what CD of the 3 each application resides on.

Forward Ho
Fedora Core 1 is a gentle reminder of Red hat 9 with a Fedora theme. All of the traditional items are in place and your major changes will be found in the boot sequence. Installation defaults to X with X login services. Up2date at this time does not require you to create a system certificate for updates, update away!

The default installation of X uses Gnome as did Red Hat 9. The interface is clean, fast and well planned. Red Hat has come along way the administration facilities of X which allows you to config most parts of X within the GUI. Each of the administration applications have received minor updates as well increasing the overall ease of use.

Fedora Core 2 has been released and is considered a test version. If you have the time, download core 1 and take it for a drive. Core 2 is slated to add Kernel 2.6 which is a huge release. Kernel 2.6 has better SMP, memory management, disk management and improved preemption. Kernel 2.6 newer I/O capabilties are worth downloading alone. Still, give core 1 a drive, you get to see where Red Hat started on Fedora.


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