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LW Hancock Corporation Partners With ICOM Informatics To Bring Mainframe Access To ArTrac G4 Systems
Author: LHancock | Monday January 05, 2004

LW Hancock Corporation Partners With ICOM Informatics To Bring Mainframe
Access To ArTrac G4 Systems

January 5, 2004 (Las Vegas, NV) - LW Hancock Corporation, an established provider of Operations Support System solutions for telecommunications managed networks, is proud to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with ICOM Informatics, a proven leader in the development of secure Web-to-Host solutions. The alliance will further extend the capabilities of LW Hancock Corporation's ArTrac(tm) G4 Operations Support System through the addition of a special plug-in version of Winsurf Mainframe Access, a popular web-based terminal emulator developed by ICOM Informatics. The terminal emulator, enhanced to work as an ArTrac(tm) G4 plug-in, will provide seamless, full featured, web-browser maintenance access to mainframes, switch operator and maintenance access consoles, telnet services, video
terminals, and any other equipment that utilizes IBM 3270, IBM 5250, FTP,
TTY, VT100, VT220, or VT320 terminal access.

Until now, most operator and maintenance terminals were accessed via a local video terminal or dial-up modem based terminal emulation software, making mobile or remote access difficult and limited. Now ArTrac(tm) G4 users can, through the use of the new Mainframe Access plug-in, dialog directly with their switches and peripheral equipment from anywhere in the world as if they were sitting right at the equipment's console. All that is required is a wired or wireless connection to the Internet and any popular web browser.

Of course, all other ArTrac(tm) G4 OSS functions can be accessed from the same web-browser connection, resulting in a versatile and mobile OSS solution for any telecom network.

"The alliance between the two companies underscores LW Hancock Corporation's commitment to offer the most innovative and extensible OSS platform to the telecommunications industry by opening the plug-in architecture of its ArTrac(tm) G4 system to support popular thin client technology based products offered by industry leaders. ICOM Informatics offers a remarkable and popular product which is well suited to be included in the ArTrac(tm) G4 suite of feature plug-ins" said Mr. Lyle Hancock, President of LW Hancock Corporation.

"ICOM Informatics and LW Hancock have married their technologies, resulting in an enhanced capability which will give ArTrac(tm) G4 operators the ability to securely access to host-based data from any internet connection," according to ICOM TCO Diego Alfarache.

About LW Hancock Corporation:
L.W. Hancock Corporation specializes in ultra high reliability
Telecommunications Managed Network products for the telecommunications industry and is leading the way with the most technologically advanced telecommunications network fault and data management platform, the ArTrac (tm) G4 system. The L.W. Hancock team has over 25 years of industry experience developing award-winning products, many of which helped to shape the industry. L W Hancock Corporation has a growing list of global telecommunications companies that rely on our products for real-time, web enabled network quality assurance, fault and data management, and operations
management systems. You are invited to visit their web site at for additional information regarding the company.

About ICOM Informatics:
ICOM Informatics is a developer of host connectivity and integration
software for legacy applications residing on IBM S/390 (zSeries), AS/400
(iSeries), DEC/UNIX, Bull and Vidéotex systems. With over one million
licenses installed, ICOM's software has been allowing organizations to
extend the use of legacy applications through secure access to host-based data since 1981. ICOM Informatics has offices in France and the United States, with the US subsidiary based in Austin, Texas. ICOM Informatics is quoted on the Second Market of the Paris Stock Exchange and belongs to the composite IT Index (Code SICOVAM 5444). For more information, visit

William Botos
LW Hancock Corporation
+1 702-228-9054

Dan Price
ICOM Informatics
Phone: +1 512-335-8200

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