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LinuxDig.Com : Brainbench - Your place for Linux Technology Exams
Author: HumanX | Sunday June 15, 2003

Brainbench offers computer technology exams for both free and as a paid service. One of the best items the Brainbench offers is Linux Technology Exams.

Brain Bench offers a variety of free and paid exams. You can create your own or choose from a list of exams they provide. Brainbench does offer Linux Exams, so hey, give them a try

If you own your own company or are a canidate for employment, then Brainbench is the place for you. Brainbench allows business owners to create exams for potential applicants. Potential applicants can take tests from home.

Brainbench is also great for those who are trying to find a new job. Now you have one place to test your skills in over 400 key area's. Find your strength and weaknesses. This is an invaluable resource, especially for tech people in our current market. I know, I was tested at Brainbench in the past for a potential job.

And yes, best of all Brainbench does have a variety of tests for Linux and Unix. From administration to programmer. Check it out.

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