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Linux Thermometer

The Linux Thermometer written by Digital Environments, Inc is a new addition to the LinuxDig.Com web site. The thermometer attempts to gauge the performance of Linux on the internet by taking hourly samples of a variety of information points. The thermometer can also be utilized by companies to forecast *business conditions or provide marketing information.

Over three years of data is currently stored to create an index from which the thermometer will gauge itself.

The thermometer is updated every hour and shows the overall average temperature, today’s temperature and yesterdays. The earlier in the day the temperature approaches the overall average indicates a change in conditions; Such as a new virus, software or something within the Linux community which has caused a spike in activity above the daily norm. This situation normally indicates something significant to the Linux community.

A temperature that has surpassed the yearly average throughout the day or spikes in the evening usually means big news the following day.

This is the first release of the Linux thermometer and is their more to do. Over the coming weeks it will be improved to also include quarterly forecasts/readings for 12 hour periods. Expect improvements over the coming months.

Business / Marketing

Releasing a new product? Concerned about a spike in tech-support calls? Is your advertising working? Is their general interest in your product on the internet?

The DE Social Thermometer can be utilized by your company to not only forecast potential negative/positive business conditions but can be utilized to verify marketing response to advertising campaigns.

The next version of the DE Social Thermometer will also help companies determine the overall feeling of the company on the internet. Are you viewed in a positive or negative light? How does your company compare against your competitor.

The system can be utilized by companies, web site maintainers, marketing agencies and even politicians. Anyone who plans or does have a presence (Read more) on the internet can benefit from the thermometer.

A presence does not necessarily mean a web site. A presence can be a subject that is discussed or written about in a variety of locations to build a general / global view. The thermometer can be utilized in a more local fashion with limited information points.

Full reports are available which details points of popularity. The reports are the how and whys’ the conditions of the thermometer for your subject has changed.

For more information about the thermometer and pricing, please visit Digital Environments, Inc or you can contact Digital Environments, Inc at LinuxDig.Com through the Contact LinuxDig in the navigation bar.

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