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This is a future section for current Microsoft Operating System users, at home. This section will contain tutorials, links and other information to help users make the switch to Linux.

If you have information that will help grow this section please feel free to email me through the Contact Page.

What kind of Information am I looking for?
Replacement Programs, HOW TO Documents and anything you think might help a home user make the switch.

Section Started Dec. 3, 2002
Expect daily updates to this section

Must Have Software
Just to get you going.

Adobe Acobat
Yes, it is the acrobat you are used to on your Macintosh or Windows machine. I bet you did not know it was available for Linux! Acrobat allows you to view PDF (Portable Document Files) which are fairly common. Xpdf is another PDF viewer and normally comes installed with you Linux installation.

Open Office
Open Office is a multiplatform open source office suite. It bundles all of your favorite applications like Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations and so forth. This, at one time was a commercial product turned open source thanks to Sun ( This is a fantastic product that is a good as Microsoft Office, if not better.

Web Broswer- Mozilla
The foundation of Netscape passed, Mozilla is turning out to be one of the best web browsers available. It is fast, stable and is well supported.

Web Browser- Opera 1
Opera is a web browser which fancies itself as fast, while maintaining little memory usage. Compared to any other broswer this is true, Opera can use from 2-5 megs of memory. Opera is commercial and a version is available for free which displays adds on the browser itself, but they are not intrusive.

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