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Please feel free to send your comments, concerns or articles you would like to see appear on the website. We accept idea's for articles (which we will write if we like them) , press releases, how to's or just about anything that has to do with linux.

If you have an "Open Source" application that you would like to see reviewed or advertised (for free), please send us the url and we will take a look at it. Remeber, we are honest in our reviews.

Copyright Information
If a document is missing copyright information, please put "Copyright Alert" in the subject. We store over 20,000 documents on our server and we want everyone to be properly credited. If you are authoring a story for LinuxDig.Com, please be sure to include your copyright/author information that you would like included with your document.

It is important to you, LinuxDig.Com and the entire open source community that every authors hard work is rewarded. This can only be achieved if we know who the author is. LinuxDig.Com will not post anything without copyright information.

If you send "Dictionary Terms" for the LinuxDig.Com Linux Dictionary, please share with us the source of that information. We have had some issues with sourcing and it is extremely important to LinuxDig.Com that this does not occur. See About Us for additional copyright information.

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LinuxDig.Com does receive a daily bulk of email and it may take up to a week (normally 1-3 day) for us to contact you. We ask please be patient, if it is urgent please email us again.

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