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LinuxDig.Com offers a free 160x160 ad space on the technology section of the website to Open Source Projects. Interested? Just send us an email and say "Count me in". Tell us about your project and how this ad will help you. If the space is available then your in.

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Need to draw attention to your Linux/Computer Products? Linux Advertising on LinuxDig.Com is a great way to attract attention to your Linux Product or Service.


Banner Ads: $100-$150 per month (depending on size and location)

Site Sponsor: $400 per month
With Site Sponsor you get
1 banner ad, 1 product review which is permanent advertising for your Linux Product or Service and the LinuxDig.Com logo at the top of every page reads "Sponsored by Your Company"

Custom advertising solutions are available. Please feel free to contact LinuxDig.Com with any questions you may have.

* Buy 2 months, Get 1 free.
Product Review: Free

If you would like to advertise your Linux product or service please click: Contact LinuxDig.Com


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