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Please read copyright information at the end of this document concerning information/documents stored on the LinuxDig.Com web site. was started in May 2001 as a Linux hobby site focused on storing and sharing documentation of the Linux Operating System.

Since that time LinuxDig.Com has evolved to include RFC & HowTo documents, Linux Financial news, Technology news including locally written technology articles (with bad grammer :)). LinuxDig.Com contains roughly 20,000 documents and this number is growing everyday!

The future of LinuxDig.Com starts with you, the visitor. Your emails, idea's and suggestions help us evolve. Because of you the visitor, LinuxDig.Com will continue to grow and explore new avenues. In the near future you will begin to see LinuxDig.Com share some its focus with the business aspects of Linux. As Linux begins to enter the work place more and more everyday, LinuxDig.Com will be their meeting the needs of administrators around the globe.


Because of the sheer size of LinuxDig.Com we depend on you, the viewer, to help us find errors , if any. If you should find a document that does not contain proper copyright information, please contact us immediately using the "Contact LinuxDig.Com" link in the navigation bar.

We store information such as the RFC's, HowTo's and information from the "Linux Dictionary" which many authors have spent a great deal of time developing in an effort to educate the community. It is important to us that these authors are properly credited.

If you should have questions or comments about anything, please do not HESITATE to contact us. We do receive a large bulk of email daily, so we do ask, please be patient. It could take a week for us to contact you. If it is urgent, send another email.

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