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October 1, 2002

Red Hat Releases Red Hat Linux 8.0

RALEIGH, NC-September 30, 2002-Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT) today released Red Hat Linux 8.0, a highly versatile operating system designed for personal and small business computing. Red Hat Linux 8.0 combines leading-edge Linux technologies with a new graphical look and feel that offers users a polished, easy-to-use operating environment.

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September 28, 2002

What does it Take to Develop Cross-Platform Applications

You need to develop an application which can stretch across both the hardware and operating system boundaries as well as satisfy your concerns about the protection of your code. It needs to be fast, reliable and above all portable.

Now you need to decide which one of the numerous programming languages will fit your needs. This article attempts to discuss a few options that do exist as well as some of the pitfalls.

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August 12, 2002

The Power and The Promise of PHP: Article I

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is an HTML - embedded scripting language with much of its syntax borrowed from C, Java and Perl. Intimidating as it may seem, PHP does not reflect the difficulty or knowledge needed as with many of these languages.
This is the first article in a series of PHP articles which will only be found on
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August 06, 2002

RFC Request for Comments

The "Request for Comments" document series are a set of technical and organizational notes about the internet. The RFC's define oftenlythe structure or protocols of operational environments. Examples include the inner workings of the TCP/IP protocol andconnection information for IMAP, SMTP and POP. If you are a programmer or would like to further your knowledge about how the internet works, then you should to read the Request for Comments. Speak It


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July 26, 2002

Do you love coffee?

If you love coffee and you love your computer, then why not integrate the two of them together. Programmers and Geeks you now have a system case to unite around, finally, someone has brought unity to the computer industry. The Ultimate System Case
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July 25, 2002

The Magic of Php

Over the next week, I will discuss the power of PHP and what it can do for you. PHP is a popular cross platform scripting languarge which was built with the web developer in mind, while still maintaining the power needed for non web related backend server / scripting operations.So stay tuned. Speak It

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July 24, 2002

Speech Now Available on LinuxDig

Co-developed with Rob Hall at www. a new Dynamic spewch system which is currently in Beta Testing. This is only available on this page of the website.. Rob is currently further developing the Flash Version which will be available at

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July 23, 2002

What is Linux?

A Quick look at Linux for those who have lead a penguin free life.
This article is currently being edited. If you should read this article at anytime during this phase, please feel free to send questions or suggestions now and they will be added to the final product.

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Run Multiple O/S and protect your data With VMWare

This article is a kind of part 2 to the "Run Multiple O/S Concurrently with VMWare" article I wrote previously. This article discusses some other uses besides using VMWare for multiple operating systems. Speak It


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Run Multiple O/S Concurrently with VMWare

VMWare allows users to install and run concurrent multiple operating systems on top of an host O/S. In this article I will discuss performance issues, additional information, tips, and a real world example of Win 2k , Red Hat 7.3 Linux and Win XP.... (Updated 07-15-2002 9pm - Performance test at bottom of page)Speak It


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Test your systems memory with Memtest86

Memtest86 is not only the perfect way to verify that your system's memory is error free, but Memtest86 is even better when tweaking your bios / overclocking and determining your memory is up to the task.


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Dual Monitor ATI Radeon LE 64 Meg In Linux XFree 4.20

Dual Monitor Support with the ATI Radeon 8500 is enough to make anyone very happy. In this article I have included a configuration file you can use and also installation/testing information which will get you up in just 5-15 minutes if all goes well. If your running RedHat 7.3, and your fairly confident in Linux, you'll be up and running in 2. (Update July 13 2002)


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ATI Radeon 8500 VIdeo Card

One of ATI newest video cards the Radeon 8500 LE 64 meg is a MONSTER. To be Plain and simple, it cranks. Under Windows XP it drives dual monitors in standard 2d mode at blazing speeds. Speak It


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CSS Browser Error Campaign

Developing HTML for the web can be quite the daunting process. Numerous browsers support their own set of rules and then decide which of the W3c standards they will follow. Conquering this problem has been every web developers dream, but of course, a dream it shall remain. Speak It


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July 22, 2002

Articles to Come

WU-FTP Security
Ati Radeon on the Linux Platform
MSI Motherboard
AMD XP 2000 Processor
VMWARE Windows
Redundancy MySql
Red Hat 7.3

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